Prime locations: top spots to meet and connect with women

If you are looking to meet women who are interested in poetry or fiction, there is a good chance you will find them at an open mic night. Art events are another great spot to meet women with similar interests.

Similarly, bars and clubs are filled with women who enjoy socializing in a club setting. These places also foster an environment that makes approaching women much easier.


The air in bookstores is almost always thick with the smell of ink on paper. This makes them the perfect place to linger, relax and — you know what’s coming — look for booklovers with whom to strike up a conversation.

The cozy nooks at Tattered Cover, in New Orleans for instance, are perfectly engineered for an in-person meet-cute. The store also hosts big-name author events that draw big crowds.

Similarly, quaint independent bookstores like Molasses Books in Brooklyn are so full of personality that it’s impossible to not notice fellow book lovers rubbing shoulders with you.

Bookstores — especially the big ones like Barnes & Noble and Borders — are great spots to meet women. Not only are they often alone, but many of them are intelligent and educated enough to have a more in-depth conversation than the typical party girl. Coffee shops are another solid option. Most of the time, women are in them to study or kill some time. A pleasant conversation could be exactly what they need to get away from their homework for a bit.

Coffee Shops

Many guys shun coffee shops because they think hanging out there equates to wasting the weekend, but it’s actually a great place to meet women. It’s quiet and low-key, which makes it easy to talk, and many people linger in coffee shops, especially past the morning rush. There’s also a good chance that the people who frequent coffee shops are more laid-back and grounded than your average bar crowd. Bluestone Lane in New York, for example, is a bright and comfortable Australian-style coffee shop that serves healthy food. It also happens to have a nice outdoor seating area.


Bars are great places to meet women for some, but they’re not the only option. Many men shy away from bars because they equate them to wasted weekend nights, but there are plenty of other ways to meet women that are more fun than going out and getting bombed at a club.

For instance, coffee shops are low-key and quiet enough to encourage people to hang out there for hours. This gives you an opportunity to initiate conversation with women who are enjoying a good book or just killing time before their next meeting.


Churches are one of the best places to meet women if you are religious and want to build a foundation for a relationship. The odds are also in your favor with women outnumbering men in most churches. Moreover, the most meaningful connections often occur in the one-on-one setting. Churches also have singles groups that can provide opportunities for meeting women.

Taking classes in your field of interest can also be an excellent way to meet women. However, you must be careful and not appear too cocky when trying to impress your female classmates.